Saturday, March 19, 2016

Chloe's journey to Greece and upcoming events

This has been spring break for my kids all week long. Chloe left for her big trip to Greece with her class early last Saturday morning.

We worked hard to make the payments for her trip of a lifetime. Someday we can only hope to see Europe as well....

Early morning on one of the islands.

Here she is on the right, writing in her journal at dinner on the cruise ship that toured the Greek islands.

Looking groggy as they tour a site on one of the islands.

It looks like an amazing trip.

I'm sure we'll hear all about it on Monday when we pick her up.

She did tell us though that she was down to only five euros for the next few days! They sabotaged her by stopping in at a book store. At least some of her meals are pre-paid!

In other news I've been selected to recreate my painting "Beneath The Waves" at the Park Place Chalk Art festival in Tucson. The event is April 9 and 10th. Hopefully this will all work out as I'm meeting with my surgeon this week to schedule my gallbladder removal very soon. With any luck I'll be up and recovered enough to pull it off!

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