Monday, August 31, 2015

Finishing the glow worm and summer storms

Last week as I set out to drive around the city, picking up kids from school a huge dust storm rolled in.

It was definitely pretty crazy with the wind and the sand and of course all the other drivers in this city who were still mesmerized by their cell phones.

Also last week I made huge progress on my glow worm for the Grand Ave. Festival. Here he is before painting.

I gave this one a green base coat.

From this angle you can see he's about 4 feet long.

Here he is on his back with some designs painted in.

Here he is finished from back.

The light green parts glow.

He's a pretty huge glowing sculpture now sitting in the corner of my bedroom, and I've already started the next glow worm!

In other news, you may remember this sculpture of mine that I made for my show downtown. He sold on the opening night, but now I've been commissioned to make another one. So I need to get sculpting on that now as well!!

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