Thursday, September 18, 2014

Phoenix underwater and a renewal ceremony

Phoenix has been surprisingly moist lately.  For those of us that have managed not to submarine our cars, it's a welcome change from life inside a pizza oven.

photo by Stephanie Hackney

In other news my friend Stacey Aargon renewed her vows aboard a viking ship recently.

photo by Stephanie Hackney

She wielded the viking shield I handcrafted for her last summer for her ceremony.

photo by Stephanie Hackney

I have to say this ceremony looks like it was a blast!

The best news is that our wait is over.   We've been approved for our new place!!  The bad news is when they finally got the keys from the old tenants a lot of fixing needs to be done, so we'll have to move in about 2 and a half weeks later than we thought, but, hey, at least we'll have new floors!!

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