Sunday, December 30, 2012

A truly disgusting 24 hrs

Stomach flu... Need I say more? I'm eating a few things again though which is good.  My stomach seems flatter so those bulimics are on to something.  Something really gross, however.

Anyway I've opened an etsy store called "Painting in Circles"

I just posted this painting for sale....

It's only $10.00!!

We spent Christmas and last week in the mountains.  It snowed!  We saw some ancient ruins, and spent time with family.  I have some great photos to share once I get organized. Cheers! C

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"People are willing to take these extraordinary chances to become writers, musicians, or painters, and because of them, we have a culture. If this ever stops, our culture will die, because most of our culture, in fact, has been created by people that got paid nothing for it--people like Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent Van Gogh or Mozart."-Kurt Vonnegut


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