Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fun with Mandalas

I've been drawing mandalas lately.  Just to try it.  I read that it's a form of meditation.
This was my first attempt in my sketchbook.  I drew it mostly while sitting in church and since it attracted a lot of "likes" on my facebook page I decided to try again.

This one attracted a lot of attention as well.  In fact one of my FB friends who prints t-shirts has posed an interest.

So here is mandala number three.  I think they're getting better, but it's much more like the hard work of sorting out an illustration.  I think I'll be teaching a lesson on them in my next class. A new session starts on Friday.

Also on Friday is opening night of the play, "Once Upon A Mattress". I spent last week painting mattresses.

This is in progress on the side and below is from the front. 

Tonight is another dress rehearsal.  I'll be getting some good pictures to share soon!

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"People are willing to take these extraordinary chances to become writers, musicians, or painters, and because of them, we have a culture. If this ever stops, our culture will die, because most of our culture, in fact, has been created by people that got paid nothing for it--people like Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent Van Gogh or Mozart."-Kurt Vonnegut


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