Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Round #2 finally ends! Phew!

Well, Round #2 of "Small Press Idol" is finally over (or as we've been calling it the irritation campaign!). I'd like to thanks our friends, family and readers who've helped us by voting the last few weeks!!
They haven't posted the final standings yet, but yesterday we were in fourth place. I guess we'll see. In the end though only 5 projects will get cut from this round, and we're busy preparing our 4 pages of "The People That Melt in the Rain" for our Round #3 entry (only four projects out of 30 will make it through that round!).

My new book "The Horribles" is now available through! I'm really excited that it's finally up. I need some reviews though, so if you've been reading the comic online or bought a copy of the book it'd be great if you could voice your opinion! :)

The Horribles on Amazon

This Sunday is my birthday, so I should have some good family pictures up after that. In the meantime... ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Lily said...

Happy belated birthday, I love your blog and I'm going recommend your book to the library where I work (rural New York).

Carolyn Watson-Dubisch said...

Awesome! Thanks Lily. :)

"People are willing to take these extraordinary chances to become writers, musicians, or painters, and because of them, we have a culture. If this ever stops, our culture will die, because most of our culture, in fact, has been created by people that got paid nothing for it--people like Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent Van Gogh or Mozart."-Kurt Vonnegut


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