Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Say what? Oh, a hearing exhibit...

The Science Museum had an open house to come see (and hear) an exhibit on the ear.

This is Naomi learning about white noise.

And Phoebe assembling an ear.

They had an animated graphic of an ant crawling into an ear and dying. Then the ear gets all red and puffy. There was another part that showed a giant cotton swap bursting an ear drum....(shudder) It's been days and it still makes my ears hurt!

This was in another part of the museum...

It makes a big steam cloud!

Glowing blocks with many colors.

And, the tornado machine. Very cool but a lousy photo.

We're still in Round #2 of Small Press Idol and our comic is gathering steam in third place. I'd like to thank our friends, family and fans for supporting us in this contest. It means a lot to us that you've been voting!


Helsie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Isn't it great to make contact all over the world and peek into eachother's lives?
Cheers. I'm off to visit more of yours

RoseBelle said...

That is some really science exhibits your kids went to. My daughter third grade science fair was nothing compared to this. I enjoy going to these fairs, so much to see and learn!

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