Monday, December 21, 2009

Princess Leah and a Christmas concert

It's been a busy week of holiday activities and school ending. Phoebe's been buzzing around the house for weeks practicing her Holiday songs, and finally last Friday was the big concert. She was a great little singer!

With relatives in from out of town we actually managed some babysitting and got out to do an "adult activity". We went down to "The Ruby Room" for the Dr. Sketchy Meet-up group. They were doing "Princess Leah" night, which means some models come in dressed as Leah and pose for three hours. So we sat with some old friends, drew Leah and had some drinks.

This is Mikes drawing of the first Leah model.

Here's my picture of Leah with Han Solo (who also showed up). It was great they played "Christmas Star Wars" songs all night. It was so funny, I had no idea there were any, let alone three hours worth! Mike's favorite was "Walkers in a Winter Wonderland"

This is my drawing of her 20 minute pose.

This is the same pose by Mike. They offered a prize for the best one with "Jabba Santa", so, of course Mike won! He received a CD and a Princess Leah Christmas ornament.

After an evening of Wookies groaning Christmas carols, I was surprised to find myself in the holiday spirit!

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