Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lyme Disease

Well, we didn't get out of here soon enough, Chloe has contracted lymes disease. Of course it's the child that's allergic to three different antibiotics. This area is endemic, my neighbor's daughter was diagnosed two months ago, and her dog had it last fall. There are herds of deer in our yard all thru the winter and in the early morning all summer. I'm thinking of getting Naomi tested as well. I kept finding ticks on her a few months ago, but she had no rash or other symptoms.

South America has no confirmed cases at this time, and ticks are very rare at the altitude we're moving to. This is very good, since, now that Chloe has lymes she has to get a blood test whenever a tick is found on her.

I guess I should feel lucky that we're not all sick, but somehow that's not making me feel better.

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