Friday, February 5, 2016

So Freaking Busy

The mask making thing has me spinning these days. Last Friday I overnighted these three masks to NYC to be part of a John Varvatos fashion show!! So cool, but I haven't got any photos to share yet, hopefully my buyer will send me some. :)

In the meantime I did get more photos from my favorite photographer who's been buying my masks pretty regularly...

©Sharon Covert
This is by Sharon Covert with my blue flower masquerade mask, and this one is with my witch queen mask....
©Sharon Covert
I shipped off my first Mardi Gras sale to New Orleans yesterday morning and I'm meeting with a local gallery on Tuesday about showing some of my masks there (fingers crossed).

This weekend I'm starting a new children's book job hopefully all will go well, and have started my big fish sculpture for a different gallery show next month.

Mike is also swamped as his new semester teaching art is starting and he's plotting his next kickstarter for his new project "Mystery Meat". Plus he's working on a book cover job, promoting his own etsy store, and working on "I am a Barbarian". A comic by Edgar Rice Burroughs that will be up soon on this site and run monthly.

In the meantime Chloe has managed to get her driver's permit and is all over us to show her how to drive. I'm only a little terrified as the first time I sat behind the wheel I plowed the family car into a tree, and cracked my Dad's head against the windshield. She's also directing a play for the 10 minute play festival which is pretty cool. Phoebe is anxiously deciding on a high school for next year and Naomi is contemplating dying her hair blue. At least I'm not sick anymore.

Anyway we've been working so constantly I've been thinking we should go to that Chocolate Festival up in Glendale this weekend. It would be good to get out and eat some chocolate...mmmmmm.....chocolate.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Feverish in Phoenix

This week I've been sick. Really miserable actually....

On Friday Phoebe was the MC for her school's talent show, and I was so out of it, we wound up being late and missing her intro. In my jacket pocket, in my sweaty palm, was our camera. In my delirium I managed to grip it tightly all night yet never once thought to take it out and snap a single photo of the show!  She did great however, from what I remember, though it's all a bit blurry.

Today I packed up these three masks for my biggest order to date, to a buyer in Pennsylvania. Tomorrow I'll ship them as well as a drawing by Mike that was sold to a buyer in Queensland, Australia.

It's time for building my mutant piñata. I'm creating this guy, and his name will be "Kissy Fishy"and he will be very big I'm sure. Construction begins this week!!

In other news I've submitted to my first chalk festival for this year-Wish me luck!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Some photos, more letters and a trip to the museum

I'm so very excited! Photographer, Sharon Covert purchased two of my masks and shared these incredible photos of them with me!!

More of her photos are here!

These are the masks she purchased...

It's great to see what she did with them. She just bought another one today!!

Anyway Christmas break has come and gone, while it was happening we did manage to get out to the museum for a visit.

The art museum here in Phoenix is the largest in the southwest.

The exhibits change over every few months.

It had been a while since we'd been there so a lot of it was new.

They had a special white shirt exhibit on display.

Unfortunately my camera makes them all look like glowing blobs.

The red dress were easier to photograph.

The circle of animals display was beautiful.

The golden statues.

The pig head.

A magnificent Calder sculpture.

Anyway, my letters for the Eduardo Munez film have arrived in England. I look forward to seeing them in the film! Happy 2016!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Going to camp and letters for Eduardo

Christmas has come and gone and so has Chloe. Gone to winter camp in the California Mountains, I  mean....

Here's Mike and Chloe waiting in the cold wind for the ride in downtown Phoenix. While they loaded the luggage a schizophrenic man that was wandering by in the street came over and loaded his imaginary suitcase, then he ran off chasing an invisible dog. (At least I think he was schizophrenic, perhaps he was a prankster).  Anyway, she'll be back by New Years, the same day Phoebe leaves for encampment with her Girl Scout troop.

In the mean time I've been busy making masks like this one....
And I just sold it from my shop!

 I've also been designing letters for a film called "Eduardo Munez" a dark comedy being filmed in the U.K. They need numerous interesting letters for use as props in the film.....







Anyway it's been a lot of fun making these!

We finally went out to the theater and caught the new Star Wars movie 2 nights ago. My kids had a good time and so did we! Have an excellent 2017.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas from Arizona

Today we're shopping, wrapping and my kids are still asleep at 11:00am (it's great having teenagers!)

Have a good holiday!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Days

It's winter in the valley, which means our oranges are ready for picking, if only I could reach them! They hang precariously over the courtyard so it's a bit challenging.  Our days are full of driving in circles. Getting the kids to school, driving to the store, to teach, and all over town for my kids' very busy schedules.

Chloe was fabulous in her school's production "Midsummer/Jersey" a few weeks ago. In fact all the kids were great! It was marred by an unfortunate incident though. It was produced by the theater department at her school, but performed across town in the Phoenix Little Theatre (not at the school). Halfway through the second performance someone who works in the office at the school messaged the theatre teacher and director to say that this list of girls in the show will be dress coded if they don't change their tops! The whole show takes place on a beach on the Jersey Shore and some girls wore bikini tops. It was rather extreme to do this and stress all the actors out. I also feel that this kind of thing is out of place in an art school. In the visual arts department they have a nude figure drawing class. In the dance department all the kids wear leotards and tights and perform in skin tight outfits. This isn't a business school.

Hanukah is over and Christmas is coming up fast. Really, really fast. How does time just slip away so quickly? Anyway I'm teaching and selling art online. I have a new etsy shop to sell my masks:

I've been making a lot of them to stock my store and I've already made some sales (WhoHOO!)

Crow Mask
This one just shipped to Minneapolis 

Rabbit Mask

And this one is getting shared and liked all over the etsy website!

Anyway Mike is finishing up his semester and grading finals as well as working on a new comic project called "I am The Barbarian". He has opened up a store for 2 of his most popular paintings....

Sesame Strange

And his other spoof of SpongeBob (which was featured on MTV's website for a while)....

SpongeBob Strange Pants and Friends

Anyway now these are on t-shirts and posters and other products that may be of interest!!

I hope everyone has a great holiday or at least pulls through in one piece. Peace, Joy and Namaste.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Birthday, books and Hand Turkey....Always more hand turkeys

So... This awesome package came in the mail from my publisher....

YES!! My new book is out!!! If by any chance you contributed to my publisher's kickstarter and didn't get your copies, go to the site and fill out the survey so they can ship to a confirmed address.

Also this week was Phoebe's birthday, who is now an awesome 14 years old.  Here she is the night of her birthday onstage (yes, she performed that night!).  

She also made us all an amazing Tiramisu cake for that night after her show.

It was excellent (she's a really good cook).

The next night Phoebe went with her friends to the opening of Mockingjay 2, while they were out Naomi made her another great cake... Happy Birthday Phoebe!

I'm still making hand turkeys each day this month.

Take a look each day on my art blog here!

"People are willing to take these extraordinary chances to become writers, musicians, or painters, and because of them, we have a culture. If this ever stops, our culture will die, because most of our culture, in fact, has been created by people that got paid nothing for it--people like Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent Van Gogh or Mozart."-Kurt Vonnegut


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